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From Random to Systematic
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DeepNumbers is working on DeepLearning to convert things from random to systematic.

Our Research Areas

We do our best to solve problems in following areas

Algorithm Trading

Algorithm Trading by nature handle random number, one of the most difficult types of data in artificial intelligence.
It is quite a challenging task to fulfill, but worth to trying it because regardless of the result, we can learn alot. 🙂

Inverse Reinforcement Learning

To tell the truth, Deep Learning is dumb, in fact really dumb thing. We are supposed to provide well scrutinized data to deep learning algorithm as well as bunch of data, and one more thing big computing power. We believes that inverse reinforcement learning will be a key to make Deep Learning smart with small data.

Log Analysis

Having interest in Log analysis is coming from one member who has bad experiences in cloud system management. He wants to relieve pain in cloud system management by applying deep learning technology.